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10/04/2013 : Garner Lab research in genetic barcoding featured in Science.

01/30/2013 : Garner Lab work in research funding is published in Nature and covered in a Nature News article and a Nature Editorial.

The Garner Lab environment is both wet and dry, and is occupied by multi-disciplinary scientists and trainees conducting cross-disciplinary basic, applied and translational research.

The current focus areas of the Garner Lab are: whole genome measurement and analysis of microsatellites to elucidate their role in disease and as biomarkers; microarray technology development for genomic, security and forensic applications; text data mining for hypothesis generation, drug discovery, ethics and clinical EMR systems; and creation of tools for *omics data analysis and interpretation.

The lab has authored over 175 peer reviewed journal articles and books; has over 150 alumni (undergrads, grad students, post docs and med students); has developed technologies which are the basis for a number of spin out companies; and is/has been supported by a number of agencies, companies, foundations and internal funds.

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